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Tickets for Revelation Unveiled

To book your tickets online please click:

  • THIS link for the Saturday 9 May 2015 show at ‘Elizabeth Jolley Theatre’ Curtin UNIVERSITY, 7pm.


 ‘Revelation Unveiled’ is a musical production - 2 and a half years in the making - spanning the whole book of Revelation, putting scripture to music, chapter by chapter, and combining it with stunning video images to convey its message of hope and victory.

In a time where worldwide persecution of Christians is at unprecedented level, a time where so much evil is manifesting itself, this book of the Bible reveals to us that there is a deep hope that no man or evil can rob from us. It is the eternal hope we have in Christ. Revelation reveals eternal security for those who believe. It reveals a conquering King who returns again to put right that which is wrong, to hold to account the injustice of the world and to physically establish the glorious Kingdom of God.

This is the only book in the Bible which promise a two-fold blessing those who read it, and those who heed the words contained in it. (See Rev 1:3)

One of the best ways to learn scripture is through music and song. This Revelation Music Production does exactly that. It’s a paraphrase of the text, spanning the 22 chapters of Revelation in 19 songs. Songs that we can sing and memorize – and in so doing – we store the essence of God’s word in our hearts.

Come and experience this stunning visual and musical production performed by a live band and choir.

On Saturday night 9th May - at ‘Elizabeth Jolley Theatre’ Curtin UNIVERSITY, 7pm.

Seats are limited (to 360) for these nights, so please book in advance. Tickets are only $15 per person.