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Small groups are one great way to connect

Hi Church Family In last Sunday's sermon we were reminded again of the importance of not becoming isolated and connecting into community. It is one of the many wonderful characteristics of the church, a family of believers. The Apostle Paul instructs the church in the...

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Encourage one another

Hi Church Family I always find it fascinating to see how God is at work all over the globe through his people. Even a small snapshot of those who are part of our church is a testament to that. This week we welcome Pastor Jaco Classen to the pulpit. Jaco will be...

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Manoah House

Hi church family. We are living in exciting times. God is stirring the hearts of so many people in our church to live lives for his glory. One example of this was seen last week when we had a visit from Gerard Goiran, Director of Manoah House (our W.A. Reformed...

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Celebrate Lord’s Supper

Hi church family Planet earth. It’s a tough place to live in sometimes. Sin stained and filled with brokenness. Even God’s people - those who are saved and made new - feel the strain of this world. It makes us realise we aren’t home yet. We are simply pilgrims passing...

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Church wide training

Hi church family. This Sunday we will be celebrating Father’s Day with a special ‘Donuts with Dads’ treat available to enjoy over a cup of coffee after the service. Sunday will also be the 2nd day of Spring which means we’ll be seeing more wild flowers and blossoms on...

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Pastor Dave Groenenboom

Hi church family. We have a special guest speaker with us this Sunday. Pastor Dave Groenenboom from Gateway Community Church will be visiting us and preaching. He has recently been appointed to a role at IJM (International Justice Mission) and will be relocating to...

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What about the future

Hi church family Many of us spend hours of our day fretting and worrying about the future. The irony is that this ‘mindset’ robs us of joy and energy for the present. We sometimes loose out on the blessing of ‘today’ because we are too busy stressing about...

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Ascension day

Today marks a very special date on the Christian calendar. It’s Ascension day. We read about this remarkable event in Acts 1 where Christ was taken up into heaven - and the disciples watched in awe as it all happened in front of their eyes. As if that...

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Seasons have changed

Hi church family. The seasons have changed and we’re all probably sleeping under warmer blankets at night due to the cooler weather. The rainy season is starting and we’ll soon see a greener Perth. May the constant change of seasons remind us that our...

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God’s appointed times

Hi church family. This Friday it’s Australia Day. It’s a day for celebrating this great country where we live and where God has planted us to grow and make a difference. Let’s use this day as an opportunity to pray for God’s blessing on our nation and its leaders. As...

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When God Does Immeasurably More

Hi church family. I hope you have all enjoyed some special times together with friends and family over the Christmas break. I’m looking forward to seeing you all at church again as we get underway for 2018. Please keep the Warburton team in your prayers as...

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From the Pastor’s desk

Hi church family. I trust you all had a joy filled Christmas Day? This past Christmas Day I was reminded how good it is to belong to a small group as we spent the day together. The saying is true - our church brothers and sisters really does becomes ones family. What...

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Celebrate Reformation Day

Hi church family This Sunday is special indeed. We’ll celebrate Lord’s Supper - remembering what Jesus did for us on the cross. His act of sacrifice changed our eternal destination from one of hopelessness to a living hope. Come and celebrate...

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