Hi church family. The seasons have changed and we’re all probably sleeping under warmer blankets at night due to the cooler weather. The rainy season is starting and we’ll soon see a greener Perth. May the constant change of seasons remind us that our lives also go through seasons. And no matter how challenging the season is we might find ourselves in now, it’ll change in time as times of refreshing will follow.

This Sunday we kick off a special two part series leading up to Mother’s Day. We’ll look at the joy and frustrations felt by a couple mentioned in 1 Samuel 1. It covers themes such as parenting, marriage, jealousy, childlessness, dashed hopes, providence and faith.This is the kind of stuff we all deal with – whether we are single or married – we can all relate to ‘loving & hating’ – two very real human emotions. Be reminded that on Mother’s day (13th May) we’ve arranged for a photo-booth so families can take some fun pics with their moms/wives. (Thanks to Grace Insurance who has sponsored the photo-booth for us that day).

Tonight we will have Church Council meeting again. Every time we meet together as a council we feel the weight of responsibility God has placed on us as elders to oversee the church and contend for it’s spiritual health. For this reason we decided to undertake again the Natural Church Health Survey (NCD). It randomly selects 30 members from our church database and emails the survey for them to do. The survey measure 8 key areas of health for the local church, showing its strengths and areas of weakness – so one can look at strategies to address them. As a council we are looking forward to seeing and assessing the results, and will be sharing them with the whole church in the near future. “I urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s holy people.” Jude v3

God bless you all

Pastor Joe