Hi church family.

This Sunday we will be celebrating Father’s Day with a special ‘Donuts with Dads’ treat available to enjoy over a cup of coffee after the service. Sunday will also be the 2nd day of Spring which means we’ll be seeing more wild flowers and blossoms on display in nature. May this Sunday be a day where our hearts are filled with inspiration and thankfulness for our fathers and the beauty of creation around us.

Please remember our ‘church wide training day’ scheduled for Sunday 9th September. It’ll be at most an hour after the morning service – from 11.30am to 12.30pm. As mentioned before, it’s an opportunity for our different ministry groups to get together as teams, to give input how we can improve what we do, as well as the opportunity to provide some training related to our different areas.

This week we will host a prominent speaker – Martyn Iles – at our Sunday service. Martyn is a young, gifted speaker from a conservative Christian background. He is also a preacher who speaks with passion from God’s Word and how it relates to a world that is becoming more and more hostile towards Christianity. Myles started the ‘Human Rights Law Alliance’ (defending Christians who are prosecuted in AUSTRALIA for living out their Christian convictions.) He is also the managing director of the ACL (Australian Christian Lobby.)

The following Sunday I will start a series in the lead up to September 23rd where we will join other churches across Australia to host a Freedom Sunday service. More details to follow in the weeks ahead.

In closing I want to speak a word of thankfulness to our church for helping with the funeral arrangements of Jan (jnr) v d Laan. As many of you know Jan & Joy v d Laan (previous members of our church) received the sad news last week that their son ‘Jan Jnr’ had passed away. They hastily flew back to Perth to make funeral arrangements. In a few short days so many logistics had to be sorted out, but thanks to the support of family and friends – and our Grace Church community – we were able to assist the family in this time of need. Yesterday we had the memorial services for Jan. Though it was a sad occasion, much comfort was given and received as many people gathered to remember his life and to say their good bye’s. May we all continue to prayerfully uplift Jan and Joy in their time of grief.

God bless you all

Pastor Joe