Hi church family.

Can I ask for your prayer support? Not just for me, but for us as a collective people – the whole congregation of Grace Church. Over the past two weeks I’ve had many coffee meetings, friendly conversations and even some counselling sessions with folk. One thing that is becoming clearer to me is that people are seeking meaningful connections (friendship/fellowship/koinonia/Acts 2:42) and we all need to be a part of the solution to this need. Being a “bigger” church has many benefits to it, but a growing challenge is how more people can share in these – God intended – connections.

On a personal level it takes for us as individuals to “walk across the room” on a given Sunday to meet and greet people we don’t know. If I have young children or even young adult children, it means inviting similar families over for coffee / dinner so our children can also make connections with young folk their age. Forming new small groups and inviting people to join them is a huge need in our church. I cannot overstate enough the importance to have christian brothers and sisters who journey with us through life. I was reminded of this recently when we visited Francois Kruger in hospital. (as you probably know Francois is terminally ill with cancer). Despite the challenge of dealing with a deadly decease, both Francois and his wife Lizelle have thankful hearts to the Lord for his goodness. Time and again they would tell me how loving and caring their small group and the church is towards them. Even while we were there visiting a member of their small group popped in to check in on them. We’ve heard so many stories of meals being made and practical support giving in and around their house. So many people from the wider church is showing love and support in very practical ways. And that is what church is all about. Be we can only show love in such a practical way if we are connected with one another. Let’s all be praying about this, and seeing how we can all be a part of the solution. To everyone who is already leading small groups and already making the effort to help connect with people at church, thank you. And may more of us follow your example.

On Sunday 20th May – we will start a 4 part series on the book of Judges. Kids church will be doing a parallel series with us in the main church. We hope that parents and children can have many meaningful conversations about the Bible as you reflect on the Sunday teachings. We will also celebrate Lord’s Supper this Sunday. Let’s take courage and strength from the Lord as we are reminded again we are a part of His Body, so illustrated

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday when we remember the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all peoples as described in Acts 2. If you can please join me at the special Pentecost service being held for all our Reformed Churches at 4pm this Sunday. Details in the newsletter. through the bread and wine we’ll partake in.

May each one of you experience the grace and favour of God in your lives.

Pastor Joe